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Discovering your Greater Self By Jamie Reklau Do you ever wonder about that person deep within you that you know exists, but have yet to discover? You know what I am talking about.  I’m taking about that greater person, hiding, that person you know has so much more potential to offer you and the world around you, that person you have ignored.  We all have it.  I know I’ve been guilty!  We all have greater capabilities and more to offer ourselves, our lives and our surroundings. Have you ever really asked yourself why you have chosen not to discover your greater self? Is it fear?  The fear of what you are really capable of? Perhaps you feel underserving? Or there is the possibility that you may feel incapable of achieving whatever it is that is hiding inside? Maybe you have thoughts such as … “I could never do that, I don’t fall into that classification.” “I’m just not good enough” “My age is an issue, it doesn’t pay” “Why bother, what if I fail?” “I have no m