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Discovering your Greater Self
By Jamie Reklau
Do you ever wonder about that person deep within you that you know exists, but have yet to discover?
You know what I am talking about.  I’m taking about that greater person, hiding, that person you know has so much more potential to offer you and the world around you, that person you have ignored.  We all have it.  I know I’ve been guilty!  We all have greater capabilities and more to offer ourselves, our lives and our surroundings.
Have you ever really asked yourself why you have chosen not to discover your greater self?
Is it fear?  The fear of what you are really capable of?
Perhaps you feel underserving?
Or there is the possibility that you may feel incapable of achieving whatever it is that is hiding inside?
Maybe you have thoughts such as …
“I could never do that, I don’t fall into that classification.”
“I’m just not good enough”
“My age is an issue, it doesn’t pay”
“Why bother, what if I fail?”
“I have no motivation at this point”
I know for myself, these quotes are not very uplifting.  Try changing them around and aim for some golden, more positive thinking, which in return will give you a more inspired feeling inside.
“I could totally do that!  There are no limits holding me back!”
“I am completely good enough, I believe in myself!”
“I have a lot to offer this world, I release all limitations!”
“I now control my fear and fear no longer controls me, my possibilities are endless!”
“I feel empowered and alive, choosing to take control of my actions bringing me to my highest good!”
I am sure after reading the second set of thoughts and affirmations the feelings flowing through you are more pleasant.  Perhaps you have gained a new perspective, new idea, found a glimmer of hope you didn’t have before, and maybe, just maybe you have just started the journey of discovering your greater self!
In the last year I gained a new perspective on something that I want to share with you.  Let’s go back to that first round of negative thoughts, specifically the last one…
“I have no motivation at this point.”
I used to say this all the time.  “It’s just not the right time”, “I don’t have the motivation for that yet”, “I’m not ready”, yes, I too said all of these things, and more!  Let’s be real, it’s called being human, right?  It’s true, but is this REALLY the label we want to give to humanity?  I say not.  We have all been put here to do something phenomenal! Yes, that means YOU TOO! Yes we all fall short sometimes, however we all have the choice to dig deeper and rise again!
I ‘m confessing, I had a rude awakening when I came across one of my now, all-time favorite speakers, Mel Robins.  Wow did she bust my ass! I am not afraid to admit it.  She is honest, raw, and has this amazing capability of saying what everyone else is thinking, yet too afraid to say.  She also says some things that light people on fire and make them question things.  She is blunt, honest and she has inspired me on so many levels. One concept of hers really hit home for me.  She said it, I became mad, angry and thought it was a bunch of crap.  The reality is, she was right, and she was calling me out on one of my biggest issues and it was hard for me to admit. She states…
“Motivation is Garbage! You are never going to feel like it!” –Mel Robbins
In one of her speeches she goes on to say,
“You just make the choice to do it and you go for it! Our bodies are not designed to be uncomfortable, we have to push through that part.”
Wow, she is spot on! Some of the most challenging things in life make us the most uncomfortable but also are the most rewarding!  Keep it real, you know this is true.

Walt Disney also states…
“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
–Walt Disney-
Now take that quote, change it up and say this out loud to yourself…
“All of MY dreams WILL come true, because I have the courage to pursue them.”
Embrace this, believe it, own this, and really take time to feel how you feel when you speak this statement.  Say it out loud, pay attention to the things you think when you hear yourself speak positive.  It can change your entire perspective within.   Believe this!
Allow yourself to feel Inspired to reach new Aspirations in your life!
One of the biggest lessons I have learned personally, is how we view ourselves and how we talk to ourselves is one of the largest reasons we suppress our greatest inner being. There is no one else in this world holding you back, only you, and how you treat yourself and the choices you make.
Take some time and think about the negative things you say to yourself and how you view yourself on a daily basis.  Ask that person inside some of these questions…
“Would I talk to my best friend this way?”
“How am I benefitting myself by talking so negatively to the one person I have to be with daily?”
“How is your negative self-talk stopping you in your life?”
“How would it feel to really release the negative self-talk and begin to love yourself completely?”

Hi, my name is Jamie.  Thank you for taking the time to show interest in your greater self-discovery.  By making this choice, you are also contributing to creating a greater world for yourself and those around you.  I am an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner specializing in Life Coaching.  I use my natural gifts that were extended by further education to assist individuals, such as yourself, with finding higher places in life. Thus, leading you to greater accomplishments.
How much longer will you choose to allow fear to stop you from reaching out to find your Greater Self?
Choose to be Inspired to find higher Aspirations.


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