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Let's talk about crying...

Crying…     We were born crying!! How do you feel thinking about the word crying? I am sure you have many mixed feelings about it.  So many individuals “Tippy Toe” around crying, because most of us were taught it is a shameful thing.  I don't know about you, but I am really NOT a fan of crying, perhaps for the reason I just stated? But not all crying feels shameful…   like the kind of crying that is joyful. The calm peaceful and content celebration of pure joy and happiness that tears are shed.   OR… laughing so hard I cry, and even then, sometimes I feel like an ass because I am usually the one that thinks something is waaaay more funny than it actually is!   How it goes for me in a group when laughter takes over and I get stuck in my head with my perspective on the said humor: Something funny is said or done, I’m in my own space laughing kinda hard, while everyone else is kinda chuckling.  Then I get in my head and think… “Wow, Jam