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Persistence Over Perfection ... Are You The Most Important Project In Your Life?

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50 Day Challenge Update 1#

My journey on the 50 Day Confidence Challenge With Mel RobbinsRealityIt's that thing we all want to avoid at some point in time.  We all know what it means, however I feel compelled to look it up so the definition can stare me in the face. (Now THAT'S a healthy dose of reality!)
Reality / DefinitionThe world or state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. 
I get why we try to avoid reality at times, because let's be real, we all do it.  Seriously!  And we all do it more than we care to admit.  Sad but true.  So, if we are all doing it, what would happen if we would stop, be real, and support each other?  I become more and more aware of individuals every day that hide reality due to FEAR OF WHAT OTHERS WILL THINK. More importantly I can't help but wonder why are so many of us hiding from reality?!

NUMBER ONE PROBLEM:  We are not honoring ourselves enough. PERIOD. 
Here's the thing... we all think too much.  Once we start …

Let's talk about crying...

Crying…We were born crying!!

How do you feel thinking about the word crying? I am sure you have many mixed feelings about it. 
So many individuals “Tippy Toe” around crying, because most of us were taught it is a shameful thing. 
I don't know about you, but I am really NOT a fan of crying, perhaps for the reason I just stated? But not all crying feels shameful… like the kind of crying that is joyful. The calm peaceful and content celebration of pure joy and happiness that tears are shed.OR… laughing so hard I cry, and even then, sometimes I feel like an ass because I am usually the one that thinks something is waaaay more funny than it actually is!  
How it goes for me in a group when laughter takes over and I get stuck in my head with my perspective on the said humor: Something funny is said or done, I’m in my own space laughing kinda hard, while everyone else is kinda chuckling.  Then I get in my head and think… “Wow, Jamie you are looking like an ass!  It's really not that funn…

Tippy Toe Tattle Tale? What?!

Welcome to my updated blog!
I have been playing with ideas and scheming for about 6 months on how I want to refresh and present my blog.  I knew I wanted it to be fun & catchy, have a bit of a description on how I will predominantly blog, yet somehow, in an underlying way, tie it to part of what I do.  After many many lists, interchanging words, boring, funny and dumb ideas, here I am!
Remember when you were a kid and you would tippy toe around because you either wanted to be sneaky, or there was something going on that you really wanted to run from or stay away from? …and guys, don’t think this is just a chic thing either. Haha!  You all know you were sneakier that us girls most times, tippy toes or not!  If I remember correctly, there was always a “tattle tale” in the group as well.  😲😛
... Well, here I am, I decided to bring an adult tattle tale version back into the mix of the Blogging community!  The truth is, we all tippy toe around stuff!  Why do we do this? Many reasons, c…
Discovering your Greater Self By Jamie Reklau Do you ever wonder about that person deep within you that you know exists, but have yet to discover? You know what I am talking about.  I’m taking about that greater person, hiding, that person you know has so much more potential to offer you and the world around you, that person you have ignored.  We all have it.  I know I’ve been guilty!  We all have greater capabilities and more to offer ourselves, our lives and our surroundings. Have you ever really asked yourself why you have chosen not to discover your greater self? Is it fear?  The fear of what you are really capable of? Perhaps you feel underserving? Or there is the possibility that you may feel incapable of achieving whatever it is that is hiding inside? Maybe you have thoughts such as … “I could never do that, I don’t fall into that classification.” “I’m just not good enough” “My age is an issue, it doesn’t pay” “Why bother, what if I fail?” “I have no motivation at this point” I know for myse…