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Persistence Over Perfection ... Are You The Most Important Project In Your Life?

Persistence over perfection Are you the most important project of your life? These are two statements that have come to me in the last week while doing Mel Robins 50 Day confidence challenge.   They didn’t necessarily come from Mel herself, they came from outside sources that caught my attention.   This challenge has triggered something in my brain to absorb information in a different way.   Maybe it is how I process it? Maybe my desire to look deeper has been enlightened?   I really don’t have the exact answers, and really, it is irrelevant. This is what matters.   These are 2 very small statements that hold a ton of power. How do YOU feel about these statements?   I know when I look at them, I can see I have work to do.   I look at them and I find myself feeling a bit of shame, a little let down, and there is a bit of heaviness within myself.   Reality.   It feels shitty!   It’s just not a great feeling no matter how I examine them! That’s just the simple truth.

50 Day Challenge Update 1#

        My journey on the 50 Day Confidence Challenge With Mel Robbins Reality    It's that thing we all want to avoid at some point in time.  We all know what it means, however I feel compelled to look it up so the definition can stare me in the face. (Now THAT'S a healthy dose of reality!) Reality / Definition The world or state of things as they actually exist , as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.  I get why we try to avoid reality at times, because let's be real, we all do it.  Seriously!  And we all do it more than we care to admit.  Sad but true.  So, if we are all doing it, what would happen if we would stop, be real, and support each other?  I become more and more aware of individuals every day that hide reality due to FEAR OF WHAT OTHERS WILL THINK . More importantly I can't help but wonder why are so many of us hiding from reality?! NUMBER ONE PROBLEM:  We are not honoring ourselves enough. PERIOD.  Here'