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50 Day Challenge Update 1#

       My journey on the 50 Day Confidence Challenge With Mel Robbins


It's that thing we all want to avoid at some point in time.  We all know what it means, however I feel compelled to look it up so the definition can stare me in the face. (Now THAT'S a healthy dose of reality!)

Reality / Definition

The world or state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. 

I get why we try to avoid reality at times, because let's be real, we all do it.  Seriously!  And we all do it more than we care to admit.  Sad but true.  So, if we are all doing it, what would happen if we would stop, be real, and support each other?  I become more and more aware of individuals every day that hide reality due to FEAR OF WHAT OTHERS WILL THINK. More importantly I can't help but wonder why are so many of us hiding from reality?!

NUMBER ONE PROBLEM:  We are not honoring ourselves enough. PERIOD. 

Here's the thing... we all think too much.  Once we start thinking, it manifests into whatever thought process we are started on. If it is bad, it gets worse.  If it is good, it gets better.  Either way, it the end we have a full blown story that has either no truth at all or only partial truth.  And how long did you spend on making up this partial to none story of non-truth? 

 WE THINK TOO MUCH!  Now THAT is the truth!

What brings this all on when my title is 50 day confidence challenge with Mel Robbins?  The truth is, I think about how much information to share or not to share on social media.  I ended up in my head with this challenge and started thinking, well if is share this or that what will people think of me?  I'm the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner, I'm the Life Coach and Hypnotist! People expect more of me.  

But is that really the truth? or am I just thinking too much?
The reality is it could be both.
I am sure there are individuals out there that feel my life should be, or is spectacular.  I am sure there are those out there that think my life has to be perfect and that I can't or shouldn't show my personal life because that isn't professional.  I'm certain they are out there and that is OK. 

I am also certain that I am thinking too much on the matter sometimes. 
"Should I post the video?"  "What if I said something wrong?"  " I don't think it looks very good"  "I stuttered in that one!"  " My head looks funny, I shouldn't post this one either"
The list goes on and on! 

Here is the truth and here is what I decided to teach myself.

The truth is, I started and based my business because of my struggles and my celebrations!  I started my business with the intent of staying true to who I am and in a sense hoping this would give others a foot in the door to do the same!
The truth is, I want to draw the people in that value that and appreciate that I am human just like the you and my world is so not perfect!  
The truth is, I constantly use the challenges that come up in life to better myself.  Once I use them to enhance my own life, I am that much more knowledgeable to take that experience and utilize it in my practice.  I want you to know, when you come to see me, that I am not above or below you, nor are you above or below me.  We are equals and this is just my gift in the world.  This is my specialty.  What is yours?  Because you have one also!
What have I taught myself?  I have taught myself to think less and to be conscious of thinking less.  Every time I post a video on Social Media, I allow myself to watch it one time, and post it immediately!  
Though I am better at it, I am still not great.  I do wonder and second guess but hey, I am human!  And surprisingly enough, some of the videos I am most hesitant and reluctant on wanting to post, are the ones that get me the most private messages!  What a blessing!  And all I can think to myself is...
"Jamie, look at all of those people you would have denied this opportunity had you been too afraid to post."

This is when I realized, it has nothing to do with me, it has everything to do with reaching out and getting the message to the individuals that need it!

Honestly, once again, the 50 day challenge has me really thinking about sharing information and what others will think.  There are some challenges that may come up and it may be difficult to be real with everyone.  That alone is a bit of a struggle for me because the core of my business personally is for me to be true to me, to honor myself and not to get caught up in how society feels I should "appear" or "be".  I am here and started all of this to offer something real, to give hope to those that are afraid to stand in their truth and be who they are by delivering messages to those that need to hear them!  

I am not here to be fake, I am here to be real.  

The reality is, it is up to me to honor that, and I am.  I will continue to be true to myself, who I am and what my business is about.  I will not allow the corporate world to change me into something I am not.  I am here, I am me, and I am going to keep it that way as I evolve through this journey in life!

On this 50 challenge, I am adding in my own challenge.  When and if it gets really hard, I will honor myself and all of you and let you know that it was a struggle.  I will not hide.

I am human
You are human
We are all here on a journey
All of our journey's are different, and no one really knows how we feel.
Thus, it is so important to stop assuming, check in with each other, and honor where we are all at in our lives! 

 I am posting short daily videos on my 50 day challenge journey so if you wish to watch them you can go to my business page for the daily updates!

If you haven't already, please like and follow my FB page for regular updates or find me on Instagram or LinkedIn!

Don't forget to ask yourself, what are YOU Tippy Toeing around in YOUR life?

Thank You for taking precious time out of your life to follow me! 

You can do it, you are worth it and I believe in you!



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