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Persistence Over Perfection ... Are You The Most Important Project In Your Life?

Persistence over perfection
Are you the most important project of your life?

These are two statements that have come to me in the last week while doing Mel Robins 50 Day confidence challenge.  They didn’t necessarily come from Mel herself, they came from outside sources that caught my attention.  This challenge has triggered something in my brain to absorb information in a different way.  Maybe it is how I process it? Maybe my desire to look deeper has been enlightened?  I really don’t have the exact answers, and really, it is irrelevant.

This is what matters.  These are 2 very small statements that hold a ton of power. How do YOU feel about these statements?  I know when I look at them, I can see I have work to do.  I look at them and I find myself feeling a bit of shame, a little let down, and there is a bit of heaviness within myself.
Reality.  It feels shitty!  It’s just not a great feeling no matter how I examine them! That’s just the simple truth.  Doesn’t’ pay to ignore it because it will still be there. Well then, now what the hell?

So let’s break it down a bit… Hypothetically this is what most of us tend to do.
We see the statements… we examine the statements… we then look for where it fits in with ourselves.

THEN, we start to think about others, how they appear in all of the forms you witness them.  Here is the key, WHERE and HOW do you have the option to witness others and how they live? 
On social media? Out at a social gathering?  At the local coffee shop?  At work?  We can waist our time assuming about others and how they seem so put together and perfect as we witness them in all of these environments, but you have not seen them behind closed doors! … In the comfort of their own home!  You haven’t seen the part where they too, are falling apart and scrambling to try to keep it all together and create perfection on some level! You simply do not know how they are when they are out of sight!  You do not see that part if people do not show it to the world.  

Vulnerability is a great challenge to show and share. It is downright scary! Rightfully so, many are scared to show it because they fear it will label them in a “negative less than way”.
   I say when we choose to stand up and show our 
vulnerable side we label ourselves as HUMAN!

This is the truth! We live in a society that strives for perfection over persistence, leading so many feeling defeated.  We live in a society where we are taught being proud of ourselves is arrogance.
I find myself wondering why self-destruction is even a thing.  Why is beating ourselves up for “failing in perfection” even a thing?!  I don’t know about you guys, but man!  I have to go home every night and wake up every freaking day and look at myself in the mirror.  

If I am the one person I'm 100% with ALL. OF. THE. TIME….  
Shouldn’t I LOVE ME MOST?!  
I don’t know how you guys feel but seriously, 
I can get away from anyone and take a break and find alone time, 
BUT I’M STILL STUCK WITH ME... all of the time!  

Society has taught us to feel undeserving with ourselves.  That we shouldn’t feel a healthy pride… That loving ourselves is selfish…  And even worse, we choose to listen to it all and own it!
Now is the time to stop comparing ourselves to others.  Here is why…

      A.    Your ideas of others are your created assumptions, you don’t really know their life, or how it works

    B.       It’s a waste of your energy to create those assumptions of them. Use your precious energy in a more gratifying and fulfilling way to enhance your own life.

    C.      It’s their life, not yours. Who cares if they are perfect or not.  You may have valuable lessons to learn along your journey.  Don’t deprive yourself of your own beautiful story by wasting your time on someone else’s fiction you created.

    D.      Focus on you, be you, love you and your world will be so perfectly imperfect that joy will surround you like crazy! And you will thrive!

I am certain that many of you have heard of this statement and simply thought it doesn’t apply to you for whatever your reasons are, or maybe you simply don’t know how to get there, but the truth is...

...fill your own cup so full that it overflows into the world
 and sharing it with others just adds
 an abundance of grace to your life and the world. 

Here’s my personal short story.

Growing up I didn’t know that having a relationship with myself was even a thing.  When I was presented with the idea, it was awkward and strange.

“Look at myself in the mirror?  Look into my own eyes? What?  Are you crazy?  That’s just downright weird!” 

I started creating myself after a major surgery in 2009.  Clearly the surgery “woke me up in life” as I almost lost mine.  Some years later I found myself a single mom of 4 beautiful humans.  Let me tell you, going out into the world, alone, with 4 young humans to guide, feeling the pressures of what my surrounding area was “thinking about me” was so challenging. I feared judgement upon me. I could have used both of these statements then.  I was ridiculously hard on myself to reach perfection daily that I drastically I wore myself into exhaustion constantly.  Why? Fear of what others were thinking of me.  Fear of judgement.  Honestly I was so busy trying to live my life how I thought others thought I should. I really wanted approval. 

On some level,
I was wasting my precious energy,
to try to fill others shoes, instead of my own.
Little did I realize, 
It's not a one size fits all. 
My feet, 
my shoes 
are designed uniquely 
for my destined path.
#toereader #soulreader

On top of this all I had no clue who the hell I was.  I know I had been creating myself for some years, but looking deep into the eyes staring back in the mirror?  Was the scariest feeling ever to be alone with someone and I had no clue who that woman was looking back at me.  It literally looked like a stranger in the mirror.

"This is me?" 
"Is that REALLY ME?"  
"What if it's not really me?"  
"Who is that? Really who is it?"

 This was the beginning of me building a relationship with myself.  I have come so far in creating me.  I am proud of my successes of now looking in the mirror and knowing I found and created me, my best friend, looking back at me, and she will never leave me.
For me, building a relationship with myself will be a lifelong commitment.  

I never had words to express it until I heard 
Mel Robbins state several times, 
“It’s not an event, it is a process.”  

For me it will be a lifelong process because I really am the most important project in my life.  By choosing to put me first and overflow my own cup, I can assist my children in a more gratifying way, my clients have higher valued services, and I can grow stronger connections with the people close to me in my life.

How have I gotten to where I am at?  

Every single one of my services I offer has a huge roll in me building the relationship with myself.  I have used Life Coaching, Hypnosis and Toe Reading.  I use essential oils, meditation and prayer, and mindfulness.  The services I offer hold a very high value, and I don’t say this because they are services that I offer and I have a motive to get you into my office. 
I say it because I know firsthand the transformation that has happened within myself by using these services.  I have also seen so many individuals make the transformations just like I have.  The reward I feel, every time it is the clients last session, is more gratifying than any monetary payment I could ever receive.

So ask yourself, are you your biggest project of YOUR life?  
Are you ready to place persistence over perfection?   
Either way, it’s YOUR journey, its YOUR story, it’s YOUR destined path whatever YOU choose.  
All I ask, is that you honor yourself, love and trust yourself.  Just be real with you.  Don’t tippy toe around yourself, and please DO tattle on you, to you.

I promise, no one will know unless you tell.

Thank you all for following me! I truly do love and appreciate you all!  I pray you found comfort in this message today!


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