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Tippy Toe Tattle Tale? What?!

Welcome to my updated blog!

I have been playing with ideas and scheming for about 6 months on how I want to refresh and present my blog.  I knew I wanted it to be fun & catchy, have a bit of a description on how I will predominantly blog, yet somehow, in an underlying way, tie it to part of what I do.  After many many lists, interchanging words, boring, funny and dumb ideas, here I am!


Remember when you were a kid and you would tippy toe around because you either wanted to be sneaky, or there was something going on that you really wanted to run from or stay away from?
…and guys, don’t think this is just a chic thing either. Haha!  You all know you were sneakier that us girls most times, tippy toes or not!  If I remember correctly, there was always a “tattle tale” in the group as well.  😲😛


Well, here I am, I decided to bring an adult tattle tale version back into the mix of the Blogging community!  The truth is, we all tippy toe around stuff!  Why do we do this? Many reasons, confrontation, negativity, time, simply not wanting to deal with something.  We all have our own reasons for tippy toeing, or making our choices, so it is here that I am choosing to open up to blog about some of these things… (Politics free) 😉

Alongside that, being a Toe Reader, I felt and knew this would be a perfect name for my blog.  Talking about and reading toes is part of what I do, not only that, your toes will “tattle” on you, your personality, traits, and journey in life in so many fun ways.  In company with that, it is my goal to speak about, or “tattle” on some things that people may not think about or want to talk about.


Once again, thank you for taking the time to check out my refreshed blog!  My name is Jamie and I am an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner...
What exactly does this mean?


This means I am a certified Life Coach, Clinically Certified Hypnotist and a Toe Reader.  All of my services unite supporting one another with Life Coaching being the core of my practice.

I am the founder and owner of Inspired Aspirations LLC,  located In                Fond du Lac WI.  I humbly take pride and love to admit that I am human just like you.  I am a believer that no one is greater than or less than anyone else.  We most definitely experience all things differently and have our own journey to live and create.  However, we all here, in flesh, with feelings, doing what we can with what we have  and our knowledge, both on a physical level and an emotional level.  This, makes us all equal humans. 

My intention with blogging is to be real, raw, honest, presented with an open-heart.  Please know that I respectfully understand that we all have different ideas and perceptions.  My intention with blogging is simply to state how I view things, or my experience in them.  Keep in mind, I am taking time to share with you a piece of my reality or insight.  I Believe by sharing our perceptions, insights and experiences, we give others a gift, a gift of having an opportunity to see something a different way, a way they may be unaware of, or could not see until we share our story.


My blogging is my gift to you. Let’s share stories in love, light and peace so we can all explore our way with new thoughts and ideas in our own time, when we are ready.

What have you “tippy toed” around today?
Thank you for joining me!


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